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Wordpress Revisions Button

Wordpress Revisions ButtonRecently a client asked me to add back code to his WordPress website. The code had been changed in the site about a month earlier.

Unfortunately I did not have the code to put back into the website.

Fortunately, WordPress has a great feature called “Revisions”  and by simply moving a slider on the feature, I located the revised page with the code on it that I needed. I then clicked on the “Restore this Revision” button and the older version now became the current version. This works with both pages and posts.

wordpress revisions

If you find that you made an error or are unhappy with the content you placed in a page or post, go to Revisions, find a new starting point, and continue on.

Learn more about Revisions on the WordPress.org Codex: codex.wordpress.org/Revisions


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