Why I build WordPress sites (or why I LOVE WordPress)

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So you want a website. For your company, organization, or yourself. Maybe you would like to start a blog and earn money from it. Maybe you want to display your art or your family photos. Perhaps have an e-commerce site.

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Whatever the reason may be, a WordPress website is the way to go.

WordPress is an open source Content Management System. CMS is a web application designed to make it easy for non-technical users to add and manage content such as text and images.

As an open source web application there are thousands of contributors worldwide who give their time and talent to the success of WordPress.

Content management systems also allow users to add pages, add navigation links, help with search engine optimization, site security and so much more with the thousands of add-ons (plugins) available.


Why is WordPress so popular? It has so much to offer:

  • Themes that you add to your site that will instantly give you a professional and beautiful site;
  • So many plugins to customize your site and make viewing by visitors easy and interesting;
  • Do you want to sell a service or product on-line? There are e-commerce plugins for that, too;
  • WordPress is FREE — yes, FREE!
  • WordPress is mobile friendly — this is a feature that Google looks for when ranking sites;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Tremendous support online, in forums, as part of your theme or plugin.

Convinced? Great! Now Press On!

Look for my next post that tells you how to get a domain name, a host and install WordPress.



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