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WordPress 4.4

update noteIt is that time again. WordPress 4.4 is now available and it is time to go into your Dashboard and update your WordPress version AND any themes or plugins. NOTE: there will be plugins and themes to update as authors have prepared their software to be more compatible with the new WordPress version.

CAUTION: Before updating, make a backup of your site or at least a backup of your database.

To backup your database, go to your Backup Plugin on your Dashboard, and there you will see an option to do this.

My website clients will have either BackupBuddy or BackWPup plugin installed.

For BackupBuddy plugin, go to the Dashboard/BackupBuddy/Backups. There is a button there for Database Only and Complete Backup. Choose one before updating your WordPress version.

Wordfence Backup

For BackWPUp plugin, go to Dashboard/BackWPup/Jobs. There will be backup jobs already set up there. Hoover over the name of the backup up you want to run and an option will appear to “Run now”.

Back WP Up

Version 4.4 has many new features:

  1. Optimized images for mobile devices, improved Media Library viewing and editing, easier plugin installation;
  2. Improved Media Library viewing and editing of images;
  3. The Page/Post Editor delivers a better writing environment. When re-sized, the editing tools “stick” to the top of the page so you no longer need to scroll up and back down to add a link or make a word bold (I really like this feature);
  4. Easier review of plugins before installing (number of installs, rating, last updated by author);
  5. Better previewing of video urls placed into your post. I was able to hit the play button and preview this YouTube right in the Editor!  When you copy the url, make sure you paste it in the TEXT tab, not the VISUAL tab.



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Website Care Plans

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