Did you update your WordPress version today?

wordpress sign

A new WordPress version is now available for update.

There is a new WordPress version available —v4.7.3. This new version patches a few security vulnerabilities and also contains a few fixes for several issues.

It is important to update your WordPress version as soon as one becomes available. If you have not already updated to the new version, now is the time to do it. 

And while you are in the Dashboard of your site, check to see if all your themes and/or plugins are also up to date. 

How to find your updates

The easiest way to determine what update you have is to click on the Dashboard link in the left sidebar. A drop down menu will show you how many updates you have. Click on Updates and your will be brought to a page where you can actually make the updates.

Dashboard and update link

Updating WordPress versions, themes and plugins is an important task in fending off hackers while at the same time you get to enjoy the new features and option the updates offer.

Now, Press On!

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