Tune up your WordPress website – March Maintenance


Your Website Needs a Tune Up this Month

wrenchLike your vehicle, your WordPress site needs regular maintenance to keep it updated, running smoothly, safe, and to avoid major bills due to mechanical failure.

WordPress.org Codex (the WordPress.org online manual) recommends regular site maintenance and has come up with a monthly schedule of tasks you can perform to keep your site oiled and running smoothly. They have created a monthly Site Maintenance Calendar to help you keep on track.

Here is my version of the calendar. It is basically the WordPress.org calendar with a few of my own tasks added that I have found to be important while maintaining and organizing my sites.

So let’s do a little spring cleaning!

March maintenance calendar

March Website Maintenance

  1. Check your theme to be sure it has the most up to date version. There are two places to check: 1.) Appearance / Themes: the theme image in the upper left of the window is your active theme (there is text displayed on the image that reads “Active”). If the theme needs to be updated, that text will appear on the theme image. OR 2.) Dashboard / Home / Updates. There you will find a list of plugins and themes that need to be updated.
  2. If you use a Table plugin, review your list of tables and delete those that are outdated and no longer being used. I use a very good Table plugin — TablePress. TablePress is continually updated by its author, has over 400,000 active installs, excellent ratings, looks great on your site and is easy to use. You can read more about TablePress here.

March is a light tune up month. Now go enjoy the warm weather and Press On!

If you would prefer to have someone else maintain your site and keep it up to date and secure, we have a Website Care Plan for you. Read about the different plan options here.

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