Three Reasons to Update your WordPress Site

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wordpress graphicA website is an investment. You spent a great deal of time and effort creating the content, gathering images, reviewing pages, getting your site to work and look just how you need it to share your message.

When your site is completed, your job is not over. Websites need to be constantly updated to keep them secure, current, and filled with content that is of interest to your visitors.

Three important reasons to maintain your WordPress site:

1. Visitors – when someone finds your site and discovers that the content is old, out-dated and no longer relevant, they will leave. And probably never visit your site again. Be certain that dates, phone numbers, posts, emails, names and information are current. Adding new content gives your visitors a reason to stop by again and again.

2. Security – WordPress CMS updates must be done regularly to ensure that your site has the newest enhancements, and that the site is secure. The same can be said for plugins and themes. Out-dated plugins are often open doors to hackers. Keep your sites safe — perform system updates when they become available.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) –  Website rankings are determined by your site’s content, how recent the content is, and how often the content is updated. So basically, search engines will not rank a site that is not being maintained and does not have fresh, interesting content added to it because there is nothing new to look at. Every time you publish new content, search engines spiders crawl your site and re-index it.

So go into your WordPress Dashboard today, take care of system updates, and add new content.

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