Quintessential Barrington Sesquicentennial Special Edition

Quintessential Barrington Special Edition

As Barrington Illinois celebrates its Sesquicentennial, Quintessential Barrington Magazine has written a superb and comprehensive history of the village. With scores of great decade-old images and so many surprising and interesting factoids, it is a beautifully woven narrative.

I have been fortunate to be part of this endeavor, designing several chapters of the Special Edition.  And also fortunate to have worked on this project with very creative QB folks: Lisa Stamos, Debbie Fitzgerald, Steve Cook, Susan McConnell and Susan DeLay. And a very special shout out to the talented and awesome designer Jan Wilson of Big W Design.

The QB Special Edition is available for purchase at Sesquicentennial events, Barrington’s White House, and at the Village Hall for $10. Purchase at least one today, read it, and relish the rich history our town has to offer.

QB 150th Special Edition

“Gangster Highway” — my favorite chapter: Al Capone, Baby Face Nelson, murder and mayhem.


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