Presbyterian Church Barrington worship

New Website for Presbyterian Church of Barrington

Our featured project is the new website for PCB. The new WordPress site replaced a site that needed updating and didn’t meet all the current needs of the church. Presbyterian Church of Barrington The goal is to have the website be a “one-stop-shop” for visitors, with all the information they would need about the church’s mission, worship hours, ministries, and more. If information was not available, a handy contact form is available for visitors to complete with a more detailed information request. There is a wonderful slider on the home page that has the photo above along with a terrific photo of young church members and a service inside the church. PCB itself is exquisitely beautiful and the setting is pastoral. I worked on the website with 3 of the church’s members, and it was such a pleasure: they got the content that I needed to me quickly, were involved with the site development, and were always appreciative of my efforts. Please visit the PCB new website. You will find the site and the church enthralling.

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