Pompeii – from ashes to life

Pompeii at Cal Science Ctr

Almost 2,000 years ago the city of Pompeii was buried under 12 feet of hot ash spewed from Mount Vesuvius. Thousands lost their lives from breathing in hot air generated by the volcano, many succumbing instantly. Their final death poses were captured in the falling ash which, over time, created casts of their bodies. The ash also preserved hundreds of artifacts of life in 79 AD in the Roman city of Pompeii.

Now Pompeii is awakening after more than a millennium in darkness. Art, furniture, jewelry, buildings are coming to life at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. And what a vibrant society made up the city of Pompeii. Beautiful art! Quality hand crafted furniture. Housewares that were more than just utilitarian; they were also lovely to behold.

Art and humans go hand in hand — as far back as prehistoric peoples who drew on walls in deep, dark caves. We always want to doodle, to put pen in hand and make something appear. We appreciate art and good design; it is innate in us. Good art and good design bring a balance to our internal ecosystem; it is something we as humans strive for.

Enjoy these photos of Pompeii, and imagine life before Vesuvius.

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