Pen & Ink Illustrations

White House Barrington FI

Pen & Ink Illustrations by artist Kathleen Nelson

I am so lucky. My friend and client Kathleen Nelson regularly sends me notecards with her fabulous artwork on it. A skilled artist, Kathleen, draws just about everything from animals to gardens to cars and planes to homes and buildings. All her work is beautiful and her passion for art is evident on every piece she does.

Kathleen Nelson Illustrations - watercolor and ink

Architectural Pen & Ink Illustrations 

Kathleen specializes in historical structures, architecture, homes, and monuments. And it is these projects that leave me in awe. I love the precision, detail, accuracy of her architectural illustrations. And she adds something else to her drawings — something that makes an illustration of stone, mason, wood or brick come to life. Instead of appearing cold and distant, her architectural illustrations are warm and approachable, like an old friend.

Thank you Kathleen, for the many cards you have sent me, and for making my day brighter each time I receive one.

Please take a look at Kathleen Nelson’s website (which I had the honor of building) and browse through her art. Enjoy!




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