PayPal – Quick and Simple

I recently built a new website and the owner was selling a few items on it. Originally he thought that a shopping cart/e-commerce site needed to be built. He did his research and started to act on all the steps necessary to set up his site: a bank account, complete paperwork from the bank to allow transfers from the credit card processing gateway, obtain an SSL certificate, set up a gateway merchant account so card transactions can be processed, build an e-commerce site. Whew!

After much angst we stepped back and looked at what was truly needed: a method to process credit card sales for only a few items.

At that point a call was made to PayPal. PayPal securely processes transactions, has SSL Certificates, makes creating the “Buy Now” button very easy, generates reports,and holds receipts in an account until withdrawn by the site owner  — all for a small fee. Easy, fast, simple. The ability to purchase via the new site (NOT an e-commerce site) was available the same day.

To learn more about this affordable solution for online credit card payments, go to

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