My clients are asking: can they update their own websites?

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It is a common refrain. Companies want more control over their sites. They want to add text, pages, links and images when needed and not wait for a webmaster to do it. Can this be done?

YES! Content Management Systems are growing in popularity and use. Although the initial systems install, design, construction, training and search engine optimization should all be done by website professionals, the continuing updating can certainly be accomplished by the user with little or no knowledge of coding.

Content Management Systems (CMS) can be used for small to large businesses. Features offered are similar to those you would expect to see on a static website: contact forms, social media buttons, videos, links. PLUS an Administrator interface: the ability to add pages, write text, and upload images into the site. And more features are becoming available all the time.

If you want to have more control over your website, have updates done on your schedule and not someone else’s, and reduce expenses associated with web maintenance, it is time to consider a Content Management System.


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