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Kedra Chalen Design’s website turned out as client Kedra Pai had envisioned it — simple yet elegant. Kedra Chalen Design - kitchen

Kedra knew that she did now want a busy, heavy website. She and manager Mike Vanmoorleghem had specific layouts in mind. I took these ideas and translated them into website-ready elements, even down to the fonts they reqested.

A nicely laid out Services page makes it easy to view the different options Kedra offers her clients, including a new offering — E-Design. E-Design services are for clients with quick questions or limited time for longer design consultaions. E-Design is done by phone, email or FaceTime.

The Portfolio page is lovely. There are photos of spectacular design projects completed by Kedra Chalen Design.

Blogging — a good idea for any website

Kedra has shared a few of the articles she has written on her Blog page. The posts are news-worthy, relevant to her visitors, and add fresh content to the site. This formula should be followed by all website owners for improved search engine optimization.

Instagram link

In the footer is a link to Kedra’s Instragram account. Here she places photos of her projects and great design ideas she has discovered and wants to share.

Take a moment and visit Kedra Chalen Design



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