Hand Painting Art – So Real You Want To Reach Out & Touch It

Hand Painting -

hand puppetRemember when you were a kid and you drew eyes and lips on your hand and basically made a hand puppet/talking hand person? That was your own primitive hand painting art; something we all did and enjoyed, never imagining that hand paintings would someday hang in exhibits and be sold to collectors!

Hand painting has come into its own with some of the most eye-popping realistic artwork you will find anywhere. It has been used in marketing campaigns, with brilliant colors and life-like details drawing the consumer’s attention.

Case in point is ATT campaign to promote its wireless international roaming. ATT hired painter and illustrator Guido Daniele to create hand paintings representing different countries. His final art is amazing.

To see more of Guido Daniele’s outstanding artwork, visit his site. You will not believe you are looking at hands covered with paint.

ATT hand art 2

Guido Daniele – ATT Campaign

ATT hand art

Guido Daniele – ATT Campaign


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