Email Tips for Small Businesses

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email-marketing imageEmail marketing is a great way to reach out to your customers and potential customers.

Use emails to market events, sales, services, new products, and more. Use it to keep in touch with your base with helpful hints and suggestions. With email marketing, you can direct your customers to your website for registrations, purchases, or just to furnish information about your company.

Here are a few excellent tips for email marketing courtesy of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing:

#1 Do It! Email Marketing’s ROI Is Stellar.

You might be thinking, email???  Yes, email!

Email marketing is not the “shiny object” that attracts the attention of most businesses owners when they consider digital marketing tactics for their businesses. But email marketing can be incredibly effective. In the United States, Litmus’ State of Email Report noted that each $1 spent on email marketing resulted in $42 of revenue. That’s an amazing return on investment (ROI)!

To put that in perspective, another high ROI tactic is search engine optimization (SEO) services. SEO has one of the highest ROIs. It’s estimated to bring about $5 of revenue for every $1 spent. That’s why we often recommend email marketing services as part of a complete marketing plan for businesses.

#2 Build a list. Don’t buy it.

You’ll want to begin to create a compliant email marketing database as soon as your doors open for business—or sooner!

How to Obtain Email Addresses? How can you get these email addresses? With users’ permission, collect email addresses at every stage of interaction.

One way to do this is to email customer receipts at the time of transaction—particularly if repeat business is possible. Furthermore, you can gather email addresses through paid social media campaigns. Another very common way to collect emails is to offer a newsletter, blog, eBook, or other valuable resource in exchange for an email address from your prospect or your customer (or client). Great content can be a “lead magnet” that attracts people to your website and content.

#3 Focus on mobile—not just desktop.

Data show that the vast majority of consumers are opening email on their smart phones. What’s more, the younger the consumer, the more likely they are to use a smart phone to open their personal email. Other research indicates that Baby Boomers are more likely to use a tablet.

Why mobile? In part, this is because Americans like to multitask. We check email while watching tv or a movie, in bed, or on vacation. For these reasons, you want to ensure that your emails appear to be as beautiful on a mobile device (including tablets) as it does on a desktop.

Furthermore, you’ll want to keep your subject lines short, so they fit easily in the mobile window. Emails that are poorly designed for mobile will be deleted within seconds.

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