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The old adage “A picture says a thousand words” is true.

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Our brains process images faster then we process words. And for this reason alone (not to mention the visual appeal and breaking up gray space that a lot text creates), we should be adding meaningful images to all our content on our sites, in blogs, in ads, brochures, presentations, etc.

The key word is meaningful. Select images that support your content, boost retention, and make your readers/customers want to stay a little longer and read a little more.


Image Choice:

  • Your image should complement and enhance your message.
  • Choose images that your readers can relate to, that are not overly posed or are just plain silly.
  • Make sure your image is pertinent to your subject matter; if you are selling furniture you don’t want a picture of a couple on the beach with a beautiful sunset — no matter how gorgeous it looks.
  • Images should not be too busy or complex, and should be easily viewed at small sizes.


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Images Found on the Web
Never, ever pull an image off a website and use it without consent from the owner. At best you may be contacted by the image’s owner to cease and desist, at worst you can be sued for copyright infringement. There are several stock image services that you can purchase images from (see below).


dog on computer

Use Humor
Don’t be afraid to use a funny image. Nothing like a good giggle to make you remember something.

Where to get Images

Stock Image Services:

FREE stock image services (be sure to read  their terms of usage):

You can also take your own photos or hire a photographer.

Now go connect!


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