Add a video to your page or post in 2 steps

video play button

Placing videos in your post or page is simple!

If you would like to place a video from an existing site into your WordPress site, follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – copy the url of your video

YourTube ur

Step 2 – paste the url in your post or page



Uploading your own video or audio file to WordPress

Now let’s say you have your own video or audio file and would like to place it on your site. Upload your file to your Media Library by going to Media > Add New. Drag and drop your file onto the window, or search for it on your computer. NOTE: there is a maximum file size that can be uploaded to the Media Library, usually 20 MB.

upload media window


Once you have added your file to the Media Library, click on the “Add Media” found on the tool bar on your post or page. From the Insert Media window, select your file. It will appear in your post/page. Hit Publish and you are ready to go.

How to store large audio and video files

Video (and some audio)  files can be very large, and will use up a lot of memory on your server. This can result in a slowing down of your site, and an inability to display the video properly on desktops or mobile devices.

You may want to consider creating a Youtube or Vimeo account and host your video and audio files there.

Now go and press on!



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