A Long Swim – Dedicated to Raising Funds for ALS Research

Doug McConnell ALS headshot

Catalina Channel Swim

I am so excited to present my latest featured project: A Long Swim website.

Not only do I absolutely love this website, this is the 3rd website I have had the honor to build for Douglas and Susan McConnell. Third time is a charm, and this site is sparkling!
After three websites, the excitement of fundraising for ALS research is still there and growing … open water swimming, i.e. the English Channel, Manhattan Island Marathon, Hawaii’s “Channel of Bones”. Doug’s devotion to fundraising for ALS research through open water swim events is matched only by the impact ALS has made on him personally. Doug lost both his father and his sister to ALS.
The site was made beautiful by Susan McConnell’s breathing-taking photography. Thank you, Susan for making me look so good!
What else can I say except please visit A Long Swim website. And please donate to the hardest working organization you will every meet.

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