3 quick website optimization tips

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Spend about an hour a week working on these few SEO tasks so your website can be better optimized and gain more visitors.

1. Update your website content regularly

Google and other search engines love fresh, relevant content. Write about topics that your visitors are interested in. Try to publish a post every week, or update an existing article. Update pages with new services or products.

Here is a link to SmartBlogger page that gives you tips on “How to Write a Blog Post in 2021”.

2. Create internal links on your site

Internal links are those that link within your own website. For example, you can write a blog post about a new product and then link that post to the new product page. Internal linking can boost your SEO.

There is an excellent article on the Yoast SEO site that discusses internal linking for SEO.

3. Keep your image file size as small as possible.

Large images file sizes, ie 2 MB, will slow down your site. Use the right image size for the right spot. For example, a full width header image can be 2000 px wide. A smaller image in a post can be 400 or 500 px wide. Remember: it’s the right size for the right spot.

Downsize your images before uploading to WordPress. Also, use a plugin such as Smush to further compress your images. You can download Smush from their WordPress website page.

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