11 ideas to increase your conversion rates

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What is a conversion rate?

Conversion rates are normally applied to websites: how many clicks on a link, or how many products purchased, or how many times a form gets filled out, or some other goal you have set.

For this article I am going to include conversion rates on advertising. Advertising should also have an objective (or call to action): visit a website, make a phone call, attend an event, etc.

Here are ideas on increasing conversion rates for both website and advertising:

  1. Offer guarantees for products or services.sale tag
  2. Use different action verbs: “call now” or “reserve today.”
  3. Include customer testimonials.
  4. State the benefits of your product or service — how does it help your reader/visitor solve their problem.
  5. Give extra thought to your headline, ie “Hundreds of Satisfied Customers.”
  6. Always use high-quality images on your advertising or website. A well thought out ad or website with good imagery will let people know that you care about quality.
  7. Consider a price match guarantee.

Website conversion rate

And here are ideas to incorporate into your website:

  1. On email subscribe forms or other forms, ask for as little information as necessary.
  2. Keep your call to action above the fold on your site.
  3. Use videos and let visitors see who is behind your brand.
  4. For e-commerce sites, recommend related products.

Lastly, always keep in mind your unique selling proposition. You can read more about that on this post.

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